Uniform Programs

TeamWorld has a unique system prepared to handle all aspects of your uniform program. The process begins with product selection, where TeamWorld's talented staff will help you navigate through the variety of uniform shirts that will work best for your employees. Since most uniform programs are built around the shirt selected, the next option we address is accessories. From hats to aprons and pants to name badges, TeamWorld can provide your company with everything you need to create a look that will best display the spirit of your organization.

Once your uniform items are chosen, our expert design staff begins the process of bringing your vision to reality by taking standard clothing templates and customizing the apparel to your unique style. While the uniforms are in production in our network of multinational manufacturing partners, TeamWorld can create an online ordering system for your staff to use when the finished product arrives in our warehouse. We can handle fulfillment for all uniform orders going anywhere in the world.

As part of our commitment to your success, professional customer service is provided for your uniform program, making sure all questions are answered and all employees are informed of their order status.
Uniform Programs
It doesn't matter how large or small your uniform needs are. Contact us today and we can discuss what type of program will work best for you.
Let us free up your time, lower your costs and most of all, help you look your best!

Warehousing Services

TeamWorld can store and manage all of your inventory in our warehouse, located in the Northeast region of the US at the juncture of I-86 and I-81, just a short distance from major metropolitan areas like New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. With our Warehouse Management System and industrial picking carousels, we maintain accuracy while increasing pick-and-pack productivity. We offer regular reports to keep you up-to-date on inventory levels and manage your inventory within the guidelines you provide.

Design Services

Our in-house graphic design team is experienced and passionate about creating new designs, providing layout services, and refining ideas for your uniform program. Our expertise is in designing to the needs of different promotional products' printing and uniform decorating methods — and can turn ideas into reality.

Whether it's taking an existing logo and tailoring the design it to fit your company store's promotional product or decorated apparel needs, or working with you on original and creative new designs that enhance your brand and corporate persona, our design team is an integral part of what separates us from the competition.

Web Development

With over 40 years of combined web design and development experience, TeamWorld has a dedicated in-house department for building and refining proprietary B2B e-commerce procurement solutions.

Our company store e-commerce platform has been deployed, developed, and continuously improved for over a decade. Configurable for the many unique needs of a corporate uniform program, it's designed for easy integration, rapid deployment, and consistent monitoring.