Reward Programs

Employee loyalty is a key component of exceptional individual performance and turnover reduction. Recognizing individuals for their dedication and accomplishments is a vital aspect of gaining and preserving that loyalty. TeamWorld programs accommodate a variety of recognition needs for our clients. We create websites with products and functions tailored to meet your employee appreciation or reward needs. Some examples include:

Incentive Programs

Employees become eligible to receive merchandise when they meet department or personal performance goals. These include promotional products and apparel, either blank or decorated with your company logo. We can structure multiple tiers for the prizes based on the magnitude of the accomplishment being rewarded. TeamWorld can also issue a gift certificate for the manager to pass out to the winning employee which can be redeemed through the website to order their prize.

Gift Programs

Recognize years of service and offer products that can be ordered on an employee's anniversary. These programs can have different value levels for each set of corporate gifts based on years of employee service.
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Safety Programs

These reward programs focus on the increasingly important issue of workplace safety as health insurance and workers compensation insurance costs continue to rise. TeamWorld programs incentivize employees to follow their company's safety rules and standards. The safety program website tracks employee progress towards the goals set for the individual or a department. The site displays products in different tiers that employees can order once they have successfully met the goals.

Health and Wellness Programs

Designed to entice employees to stay active and fit on a regular basis, this not only keeps workers healthy but also makes them more energetic and productive on a daily basis. Similar to the Safety programs, the employee is rewarded by earning points once they accomplish specific goals. The points are redeemed from a catalog of pre-selected products that reinforce a healthy lifestyle.

Employee of the Month/Year

Managers can log into the web site and rate each employee's performance. Based on these ratings, an employee of the month and/or employee of the year is determined. Periodic winners can then receive gifts from a pre-selected catalog featured on the site.