Company Stores — End to End

From start to finish, our goal is to take care of all your corporate store needs. You select and approve the products and pricing, and we build the site, manage the inventory and customer service, and make everything as hands-free as possible. With our proprietary company store platform, you'll be able to:
  • Control your corporate brand and logo integrity.
  • Manage your promotional product expenditures.
  • Track and update budgets for departments and salespeople.
  • Prevent the unauthorized purchase of promotional items or materials.
  • Have a large catalog of products without the worry of inventory commitment.
We start with a full assessment of your needs, plan out your site, develop the products and pricing strategy, and implement and go live. New sites can be launched in days or weeks, not months.

Top-Notch Technology

Always pushing the envelope, we incorporate advanced features for a smooth, safe, secure experience.

Built To Your Needs

Our flexible proprietary e-commerce company store platform is configured to accomodate your needs.

Hands-Free Management

We have a simple goal: Make your company e-store experience headache and hassle free.

Our company store platform is built with proprietary software developed and maintained in-house. Because of this, we can customize and tailor your company store to fit your needs. Contact us to learn how TeamWorld can help with your online store solution, or take a moment to peruse our demo store.
Employee Uniforms
  • Best of Breed — TeamWorld will create a modern e-commerce shopping portal complete with images of all items chosen and decoration options available for each style, if applicable.
  • Security — Our company store checkout system will be encrypted with the highest level of security to protect your user's information.
  • Eliminate Inventory Commitments — Depending on the products and desired ship times, TeamWorld can produce company store orders on demand, eliminating the need to have inventory commitments.
  • Flexible Payment Configuration — Our e-commerce platform supports B2B and B2C, so your site can have credit card payment, budgets, purchase orders, and gift certificates.
  • Reporting — Get complete on demand reporting of all activity on your site, whether it's order history, top-selling items, or specific budget usage.

Experience the Possibilities

Dive in and take a sneak peek at what we can offer you. Navigate our Company Store e-commerce demo first-hand — keeping in mind the design, branding, and product catalog will be tailored to reflect your business. Take a look.

Warehousing Services

TeamWorld can store and manage all of your inventory in our warehouse, located in the Northeast region of the US at the juncture of I-86 and I-81, just a short distance from major metropolitan areas like New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. With our Warehouse Management System and industrial picking carousels, we maintain accuracy while increasing pick-and-pack productivity. We offer regular reports to keep you up-to-date on inventory levels and manage your inventory within the guidelines you provide.

Design Services

Our in-house graphic design department is experienced and passionate about creating new designs, providing layout services, and refining ideas for your company store. Our talented team has expertise in designing to the needs of different promotional products' printing and decorating methods — and can turn ideas into reality.

Whether it's taking an existing logo and tailoring the design to fit your company store's promotional product or decorated apparel needs, or working with you on original and creative new designs that enhance your brand and corporate persona, our design team is an integral part of what separates us from the competition.

Web Development

With over 40 years of combined web design and development experience, TeamWorld has a dedicated in-house department for building and refining proprietary e-commerce solutions. Working with our customers, we integrate systems to provide the highest level of convenience.

Our company store e-commerce platform has been developed internally for over a decade and is tailor-made for your business and ours. Specifically designed for the many unique needs of a corporate store, it's designed for easy configuration, integration, and rapid deployment.